Pi Gateway


How does it work?

The process is enquiry, NDA, agree terms of the deal (including price), audit, exchange, complete.

How much would I get?

Each deal is bespoke, we do not have a standard price, and we want to be fair and take your particular circumstances into account. There are many ways to structure the deal such as 100% up front with a lower % for the WIP, 100% paid once money comes in with a higher % for the WIP. What is fair and what suits your needs will decide what structure is agreed.

What happens with disbursements?

Again each deal is different, but immediate payment and indemnity are available. The final structure will depend on the profile of your WIP, the value of the disbursements and the overall structure of the deal.

What happens with CFAs?

We have taken Counsel’s advice as to the best and most appropriate way to transfer the benefit of the CFA. Your clients will be central to this process and they will not suffer any detriment.

How long does it take?

This will depend on you, in short, as soon as possible.

Why use PI Gateway?

Because we are a consortium of lawyers who are looking to assist other lawyers, and as such, we understand what you are going through. Additionally, we have already undertaken acquisitions this year.

  • We offer discreet, friendly help
  • Your clients are our priority
  • We can assist in all manner of ways, providing management advice, and advice on compliance, TUPE and CFAs.
  • We have direct access to capital (seven figure sums)
  • We have decades of industry knowledge